This week, I get to sit with my kids, on our couch, on a rainy rainy night and answer my burning question: how was your childhood?


This week’s podcast is sponsored by the wonderfully talented paper cut artist, Micol Bayer. Check out her website and follow her eye-popping instagram account. Also, if you want to see one of Micol’s masterpieces, head to our Efrat bakery, where we’ve got a stunning ברכת העסק hanging up.

I mention a couple of great books today:

  1. That Scatterbrain Booky by Bernice Thurman Hunter is a fabulous children’s book (that Yael refuses to read) about a Canadian girl growing up during the Depression.
  2. Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank B. Gilbreth is one of David’s favorite books. It is about efficiency and creativity and family and fun.