Years ago, when we first started the bakery, we had a customer who would walk in on Fridays. A young guy, married, with a few small kids and from time to time he would ask me, “does anyone need?” And if I said yes, he’d add money to his order and I’d put it to making a package for someone in need. His mindset blew me away. He wasn’t wealthy or showing off. To me, he embodied the mitzvah of giving. He gave quietly, modestly, kindly. He provided so much more than those shekels. He provided a teachable moment for my kids and for me personally.

The best part of the bakery is that it allowed David and me to build a community. We are blessed to celebrate good times and harder times with our customers. We know the value of sending a platter into a shiva house, or someone going through a rough time. We appreciate the ability we have to send out some food to people in vulnerable moments.

As we have grown, more and more people have stepped up and asked the same question: “does anyone need”. We are opening this platform to accept donations to help us continue helping the causes and people who are important to us.

We appreciate any shekels you care to send our way. They all go tzeddakah. Feel free to earmark your donation.

Soldiers. We work with the Pinah Chammah sending cakes in weekly.
Single Mothers. As often as we can, we prepare bags for single mothers living in the Gush
Families in Need. We work with a tzeddaka in Efrat and occasionally in the Gush providing food to families in need.