The Solomon Brothers provide us with original music leading in to our 10th episode. This week the back of the house dream team unites to talk out our past year, our one-year anniversary and my very real fear of barroom brawls. David also coins the phrase “parve yogurt.”


This week, I’m thrilled to have David, Gila and Aharon on the show. Minutes before going live, Aharon pumped us up with Daniel Radcliffe rapping Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics.”




We are thrilled that we have original intro music from The Solomon Brothers!!! It is the perfect podcast vibe. They have performed at the bakery a number of times in our music series and always bring the house down. Check them out!

We’re a little obsessed with our new truck though we have yet to pick out our final design. Some possibilities are:



The great work table.