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Learn to Bake with Jake! 

Here's what happens when you take two guys who have been friends for decades and put them in our bakery. Stay tuned for our baking classes 

The Baker’s Table

David walks you through what baking equipment you need to get started. 


The Baker's Table

Baker's Ingredients

David talks us through flour, water, salt... and a few extra ingredients.
This will be interesting to more advanced bakers 


Baker's Paper

Milling Flour 

David and Jake explore how kernels of grain become flour.

One Dough: Infinite Possibilities  

David and Ayelet take one of our standard doughs and turn it into LOTS of different and delicious things! 


Download Dough Recipe

Pretzel Making! 

Join us in the kitchen where David and Jake make some delicious pretzels! Earn your PBM Pretzel-Maker Certificate!


Pretzel RecipePretzel Baker CertificateDownload our sticker pack!

How to Make a Roll 

David and Jake are working on rolls! Join them in our newest workshop. 

Thinking like a Baker

A little more advanced: David talks out baking percentages and mixing techniques.


Baker's Paper


Pat BaMelach: The Story of Bread 

The Story of Rain and Grain